Capture Online Ideas with Confidence

Notion bookmark manager template to capture and organize links, contents, notes, templates, and other online resource.

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Is this you?

Easily overwhelmed with many things

You are frustrated every time you could not locate necessary information.

Everything feels scattered

Being disorganized negatively impact your productivity.

Forgetting where files & links are

You constantly waste your time looking inside chaotic bookmarks.

“The level of thought and attention to detail is impressive
and it has exceeded my expectations in every way.”

Tarun Lochib

Highlighted Feature

Save anything without worry

Capture and organize virtually any digital files — links, notes, IG posts, Notion templates, YouTube videos, and many more.

Say goodbye to bookmark hassle

Effortlessly save anything without worry, streamlining your digital life and making sure you never miss an important link again.

Reclaim your peace of mind

Save anything without a second thought with Notion-supported addon. Your digital haven where worry takes a back seat.

Highlighted Feature

Stop getting lost in your bookmarks

Navigate everything comfortably by creating your own labeling system using types, categories, platforms, or persons.

Solution to your bookmark chaos

Imagine effortlessly navigating through your digital universe without getting lost in a sea of links.

Experience efficiency with ease

Simplifies your digital life with an intuitive interface to organize and access your bookmarks.

Highlighted Feature

Ideas in; Garbage out

Keep new items in inbox without disturbing your already-organized bookmarks, then eliminate unimportant ones in one go.

Only save the relevant links

Experience clarity with our intelligent curation tools, ensuring only the most relevant content stays in your Notion workspace.

No more drowning in saved links

Streamline your digital workspace effortlessly with resource inbox and archive manager feature to curate new and existing links.

More Added Features

Web Links

No more grappling with disorganized links scattered across your pages.


Consolidate, categorize, and access all your articles in one central hub.


Effortlessly organize and access your saved YouTube and social media contents.


Ensure that your ideas are seamlessly captured and readily available.

Notion Templates

Categorize and access your Notion template collection with ease.

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One Time Investment

No subscription required. Invest once and get the template forever to use with 30-days refund guarantee.


Notion Simple Link Manager

Start without risk

Basic Weblink Organizer

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Notion Online Resource Manager

Access to full features

Weblink Organizer

Notion Template Organizer

Social Media Post Organizer

Article Organizer

Video Organizer

Note Organizer

Resource Inbox Feature

Resource Cleanup Feature

Unlimited Resource Types

Unlimited Resource Categories

Notion Web Clipper extension compatibility

Full FAQ and Guidance

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$69 $129

Notion Productivity Second Brain

All-in-one Productivity Center

Everything in Notion Online Resource Manager

Second Brain Features

Eisenhower Matrix Features

Finance Assistant Features

Networking Assistant Features

Life Planner Features

Habit Tracker Features

Journaling Features

Full FAQ and Guidance

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Here are some frequently asked questions

If you don’t find answers to your questions, feel free to reach out to and we will reply as soon as possible.

Who are the product made for?

Everyone, especially productivity enthusiasts who know or want to know how Notion can help them to be more productive.

Does the product work with a free Notion account?

Yes! This template will work with all type of Notion account — free or paid plans.

Is there any setup needed for using this product?

No complicated setup is needed. You will find small note on how to use the template to its full potential. Nothing else.

Is refund possible?

We are excited to give you the best experience from my Notion templates. Within 30 days after the purchase, if you think the template isn’t the best fit, simply reach out to and share how the product can be better in the future. I will process to return your fund.

Can I share this product with other?

Unfortunately no. All the templates are personal-licensed products. If you know someone who will benefit from the Notion template, please refer them to this page.

How do I reach out if I have questions?

Reach me out via email at .