Regain Control Over Your Finance

A Notion personal finance template, designed to help you develop accountable budget plans every month and track your expenses with ease.

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Is this you?

Losing control of your expenses

You struggle to stick to a budget, losing hope of reaching financial goals

Constantly overspend

You are struggling to resist temptation to impulse purchases

No place to plan & track your money

You keep changing your finance tools, being too complex or inconvenient

“The level of thought and attention to detail is impressive
and it has exceeded my expectations in every way.”

Tarun Lochib

Highlighted Feature

Regain control of your financial situations

It’s time to embrace a sense of order and clarity over your own money. Efficiently manage your expenses with structured budgeting that fits your style.

Set as many budgets as you want

Allocate your funds where they matter the most. No more complex spreadsheets or limiting yourself to only a single budget category.

Know where your money goes

Categorize your tracked expenses when they happen. Experience the freedom of financial awareness and responsible spending.

Highlighted Feature

Get big picture of your expense patterns

Say goodbye to confusion, say hello to clarity and peace of mind. Solve your financial tracking headaches with simple and intuitively-designed monthly pages.

Start your track without big setup

No tedious setups that kill your motivation. New month pages and budget templates are generated automatically for you every month.

Make informed financial decisions

View all your financial information inside one carefully-designed page to help you develop habits of making responsible financial decisions.

Highlighted Feature

Built and designed to be completely yours

Set few or detailed budgets? Use laptop or phone to track expenses? It is 100% your call. Say goodbye to rigid finance tracker Notion templates that failed you.

No more complicated interface

We prioritize amazing user experience. Tailor your Notion template to your preferences with flexible finance planning & tracking features.

Designed for long term use

You will not only adapt a new Notion template; you will adapt a new habit for achieving long-term financial goals.

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Here are some frequently asked questions

If you don’t find answers to your questions, feel free to reach out to and we will reply as soon as possible.

Who are the product made for?

Everyone, especially productivity enthusiasts who know or want to know how Notion can help them to be more productive.

Does the product work with a free Notion account?

Yes! This template will work with all type of Notion account — free or paid plans.

Is there any setup needed for using this product?

No complicated setup is needed. You will find small note on how to use the template to its full potential. Nothing else.

Is refund possible?

We are excited to give you the best experience from my Notion templates. Within 30 days after the purchase, if you think the template isn’t the best fit, simply reach out to and share how the product can be better in the future. I will process to return your fund.

Can I share this product with other?

Unfortunately no. All the templates are personal-licensed products. If you know someone who will benefit from the Notion template, please refer them to this page.

How do I reach out if I have questions?

Reach me out via email at .