Maintain Your Connections Easily

Keep a scheduled contact with everyone you hold dear. Stay in touch with important relationship without wasting time and effort.

Let’s check.

Is this you?

Relationships feel shallow

Your interactions with others mostly centered around small talk.

Losing contacts

You feel regret for not putting effort to maintain connections in the past.

Toxic Connections

You questioned the authenticity of the connections you have.

“The level of thought and attention to detail is impressive
and it has exceeded my expectations in every way.”

Tarun Lochib

Highlighted Feature

Connect with the right people

Surround yourself with the ones worthy of your time and attention using the renowned “The 5+50+100 Rule” by Judy Robinett.

Prioritize your connections

Narrow down your contact lists. Avoid being overwhelmed by exhaustive, not-so-important networking activities.

Find out your most important people

Discover the most important individuals in your circle and cultivate meaningful relationships. No more aimless networking.

Highlighted Feature

Effectively become a caring person

Take a simple profile note about your connections and give impactful impression by recalling important details during conversations.

Recall important details

Embrace the benefits of becoming a caring individual by effortlessly recalling important conversations or events.

Become a better friend

Never forget a birthday, work anniversary, or personal milestones of people you want to keep close to. Keep yourself informed of everyone.

Highlighted Feature

Never lose important network anymore

Schedule your next engagements with everyone and recover lost contact immediately.

Never become forgettable

Never lose track of important contact ever again with easy-to-access networking reminder list.

Keep everyone close to you

Say goodbye to the anxiety of losing touch using missed contacts reminder list. Stay connected.

More Added Features

Network Manager

Streamline your network management using profile notes and prioritization.

Birthday Reminder

Never forget the most important day of your connection.


Seamlessly keep track of important conversations, follow-ups, and key details.

Value Proposition

List and identify attributes of yourself and other people in your circle.

Profile Category

Organize your network by their industry and affiliations.

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Who are the product made for?

Everyone, especially productivity enthusiasts who know or want to know how Notion can help them to be more productive.

Does the product work with a free Notion account?

Yes! This template will work with all type of Notion account — free or paid plans.

Is there any setup needed for using this product?

No complicated setup is needed. You will find small note on how to use the template to its full potential. Nothing else.

Is refund possible?

We are excited to give you the best experience from my Notion templates. Within 30 days after the purchase, if you think the template isn’t the best fit, simply reach out to and share how the product can be better in the future. I will process to return your fund.

Can I share this product with other?

Unfortunately no. All the templates are personal-licensed products. If you know someone who will benefit from the Notion template, please refer them to this page.

How do I reach out if I have questions?

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